Drugstore Brands Finally Catch On


Recently, cosmetics brand Maybelline has launched 7 new shades of their Fit Me foundation, expanding the range to 40 shades in total, a first in the drugstore.

African-American women spend $7.5 billion annually on beauty products, and yet the vast majority of affordable, drugstore makeup brands cary roughly 12  beige.(I just checked ulta.com and there are now 7 foundation ranges from 5 drugstore brands that cary 15 or more colors.)

Brands claim the demand in the market isn’t there, but they aren’t producing the product in order for it to be purchased to show them the demand. This self-fulfilling prophecy of neglect is severely limiting beauty brands as far as market share is concerned.

That being said, there is still much work to be done on the ads as well as the products they’re intended to promote. Developing a wider shade range is great, but could be so much more effective if combined with increased hiring and featuring of women of color, of people of various genders and lived experiences.

It is becoming glaringly obvious that there is the potential for the beauty industry to prove that it is so much more than 7 shades of beige.


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