Snark Sells

As tweeting at companies becomes the most popular and efficient way to contact an actual human, the lines are being blurred between snarky and rude customer interactions.

In 2014, Taco Bell took the internet by storm with their sassy twitter interactions with customers and other brands. These lighthearted comments made their rounds on the internet, becoming commonplace in meme-pages and sites like Imgur.

Now, in 2017, it is fast-food giant Wendy’s that has taken the spotlight for its savage tweets. Not only does Wendy’s roast its competition, but it also has received countless requests from Twitter users begging to be roasted.

Why is it that this form of interaction is so popular?

Is it that consumers are so used to the painted generic smiles of other brands that the edgy tweets connect so well?

Why is this brand such a hit among fast-food restaurants?
Could it be because they aren’t really ever at risk of losing a large portion of their customers, or is it that these types of brands aren’t taken seriously?

For whatever the reason, I’m 100% in favor of this trend.


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