Why “Products I Hate,” Videos Benefit Beauty Brands

As I’ve mentioned before, in the age of social media and Beauty Gurus, brand response to negative critique is highly important.

When certain products or brands are mentioned in a “Products I Hate” video, it gives the brand honest and direct feedback on what about a particular product may/may not work for certain skin types/complexions/etc.

For whatever reason, an influencer doesn’t like a product you sell.

They mentioned your brand, and while it may not have been in an ideal way, you now have an opportunity to send them one of your products that may suit them better. 

This type of response shows that your brand listens, cares, and is engaged in the community. It also shows that your brand can take critique, and exhibits grace and humility.

It also gives you a chance to build a better connection with that influencer, showing them that your brand can be trusted to respect honesty and allow them to maintain credibility when positively reviewing your other products.

These influencer relationships are key to reaching consumers of all ages, and are incredibly important to successful PR campaigns and social media marketing. So, maintain them. 


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