Presidential PR

While government positions relating to public relations aren’t actually called PR agents, Public Information Officers and/or White House Communications Directors have pretty much always served in the same capacity as a PR professional.

That, it seems, is changing.

With this new presidency, there seems to be a steep learning curve with regard to media relations, one that seems to be insurmountable for this administration.

The people of this nation have questions. They have comments, concerns and fears that are going unaddressed at best, and exacerbated at worst.

Trump recently proposed ceasing to do White House briefings, which would mean essentially cutting the American people off from information about what the head of state is up to.

As these briefings are the best way to be in control of the conversation surrounding the administration, why would they stop that avenue of information?

Because they consistently stray away from talking points, are uneducated about the topics at hand, and generally just seem ill-fit to be speaking to the American people as a whole.

Hire better staff –better as in more skilled at the job that they have been hired to perform, not better at having and donating money– and these problems seem like they would diminish significantly.

Just a thought.


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