Dove’s Body-Positive Campaign Falls Flat

hq720Dove, ever-trying to promote body-positivity in its campaigns and products, released a new line of Limited Edition “Real Beauty Bottles” of its body wash that are supposed to be inspired by the beauty of women of all shapes and sizes.

The response?

Crickets and question marks, mostly.

This idea may have sounded like a good one while sitting in the board room, thinking up ways to commodify women’s insecurities, but once its out on the internet, it falls very flat.

The original bottles have no relation whatsoever to a body shape, and they didn’t need to be compared to a woman’s body at all. This campaign is just ridiculously unnecessary and counter-productive.

What happens if you now have a woman staring at the various bottles in front of her, ashamed of the one she wants to pick over the one she identifies with? Or if all of one bottles of one shape were to sell out first, is that not indicating a societal preference or standard?

Does this need to be an issue?

In this case, I think someone fell in love with the copy they wrote and created a campaign around the idea of literally changing the mould used in bottle production. Neat, but not productive.



The following are but a small tasting menu of  what Twitter users had to offer on the topic:

08-dove-body-type-meme.w710.h473Screen Shot 2017-05-09 at 5.53.45 PM






One thought on “Dove’s Body-Positive Campaign Falls Flat

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