Another Airplane Mishap: Delta Hates Dads?

In what is apparently becoming a new trend, another airline has mishandled the process of asking a passenger to disembark the aircraft– this time, it’s Delta.

A father is seen on video– that went viral, of course– arguing with an agent on board a Delta plane headed to LA from Hawaii, as he and his wife are being asked to leave the plane with their two infant children. His argument is that he paid for the seat they are asking the one-year-old to vacate, and wishes for his toddler to sit in it. The agent, however, threatens him with jail time and foster care for his children.

How can this still be happening?

Clearly, airlines need to invest in some sort of crisis-situation training in the process of asking passengers to disembark.

Additionally, the airlines need to make sure that their employees are aware of the actual FAA rules and regulations – like the one that recommends that children fly in car-seat like devices for safety.

These videos are constantly going viral because people already feel vulnerable in traveling, and the number of videos and situations going viral are creating an “us vs. them” mentality for passengers.

Delta, United, American, all airlines need to better communicate with their customers. Reassure them that the airline is meant to facilitate efficient, comfortable, and safe travel.

For what it’s worth, Delta didn’t pull a United Airlines, and actually issued an apology. In the apology, they validated the family’s experiences and accepted responsibility, rather than glossing over the issue, so all may not be lost for their brand image.


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