Brand Responses to Negative Critique

In the beauty community, YouTubers hold a lot of clout.  They reach millions of potential customers, giving live demonstrations and honest reviews of products, often linking them in the description bar. But what happens when a review is a negative one?

Guru Jackie Aina has well over 1.3 million subscribers on her YouTube channel, and recently posted a video mentioning products she wasn’t going to buy, an “anti-haul.” In this video, she mentions that the well-known cosmetics brand, Tarte, has stopped reaching out to her after she mentioned in a previous video how one of their products didn’t work for her.

In terms of PR, is it a smart move for Tarte to remove Jackie from their mailing list?

I definitely think it was a poor choice. Personally, it seems deceptive and “shady” of brands to only reach out to YouTubers that give only favorable reviews, as people prioritize honesty in the realm of reviews. By removing Jackie from all product launch lists, Tarte has closed itself off from over 1.3 million people that may buy their products from her recommendations or mentions.

Is it worth it? Does it do anything other than promote the image that they don’t value honesty? In an industry like the cosmetics industry, brands need to recognize that not all of their products are going to suit all of the influencers, and brands need to be able to accept feedback and criticism.


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