United Airlines


Tweet courtesy of user @NickNicotera

While it may now qualify as old news, I am still fascinated at how horribly the United Airlines PR team steered their company.

In this day and age, where any person with the slightest inclination can create and videotape any incident and reaction to an incident that they please, one would assume that large corporations like United would become more adept at responding to leaked footage of their missteps.

Video footage taken by passengers had gone viral long before United posted a response, and I highly doubt that the well-paid employees of a massive airline didn’t have access to the internet.

How exactly did they think that it was going to go over calling a brutal mauling of a paying customer a “re-accommodation?”

From what I’ve learned so far, the best response in public relations is to own up to wrong-doings and apologize sincerely.


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